Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Mixed Emotions

So today was my 10 week appointment, finally seeing my OB. The ultrasound showed one healthy baby, measuring 10 weeks 1 day, and the Dr said s/he was perfect. The second baby, whose heartbeat we barely saw at 7 weeks, had stopped growing and measured 7 weeks 4 days. We are so happy to have a healthy baby in there, but still sad to have lost one. I'm trying to look at the positive side of things... at least we will only have to buy one of everything, it will be easier to care for one baby by myself while Ken is away/out to sea, it will be easier to travel to see Ken when he is in port, and something must not have been right/healthy with that baby so God thought it was better to take him/her now instead of later. The baby should reabsorb and not cause any issues for our healthy baby. My OB is going to watch me closely to make sure... seeing me every 2 weeks for a while. I am so luck to have such an amazing Dr! Of course, now I am more worried about the one we have left and praying that nothing happens to this baby and s/he continues to be healthy and strong and greets us in January. Going to try to take it easy and not worry too much... at least I'm being closely monitored. Vanishing Twin Syndrome is actually more common than many realize, at least 1 in 4 twin pregnancies. And the remaining twin usually goes on to be a healthy baby.  Here's a couple of websites for those interested in knowing more:

On a good note... here is the picture we got to take home today. Much better than the last one. We got to hear the heartbeat this time too, which was so cool. But nothing made it more real or was neater than seeing our little baby wiggling around on the ultrasound today! Lots of prayers for this little one to grow healthy!

Dear God,
You now have two of my babies... can I please keep this one?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Doubly Blessed

For those of you waiting on an update on today's 7 week ultrasound.... we got to see TWO heartbeats! So we're having twins!!! Perhaps this explains my hCG almost tripling instead of just doubling and the fact that as of last week, I can no longer button my pants, lol. Good thing I have 2 bella bands... they have been my lifesavers so far. I know most of it is from being bloated, but at this point, I'm going to be showing a lot sooner and getting a lot bigger. I've had this feeling the whole time that it was twins... always referring to the babies instead of just baby... even my mom and a few other people were doing the same thing. We are super excited and now trying to figure out how we're going to buy 2 of everything instead of 1, lol. Guess that discount I have at Target will come in handy while I'm still there!

And even though the ultrasound picture is dark and not very good (no arrows to point to the babies)... here is the picture we brought home today:

Still saying lots of prayers the babies continue to grow healthy and strong! I've been release back to my OB and the earliest I could get in was in 3 weeks so that's when my next appointment will be and hopefully we'll have better pictures from that one!

P.S. In other news... Ken is going to Norfolk, which was the next best thing to him getting back here so I am relieved. Hopefully he makes chief too and then our back-up plan of having an apartment up there for when he's in will be easier to do. Not sure yet if his boat will be in or out when the babies are born... but I will be starting a sign-up sheet for anyone around here who wants to come by and help :).