Tuesday, October 16, 2012

9 months

9 months!
(would not be still)

I want to stand Mommy!

Connor is 9 months old and boy has he been busy this month! Official weight is 19 lbs 8 oz... not gaining much these days with all the moving he's doing! Length was off at the doctor's office, he wasn't wanting to stretch out his leg for the nurse and the measurement she wrote down was 28.75" which is only half an inch more than what he was at his 6 month appointment and I know that's not right seeing as we're already retiring some of his 12 month clothes due to length. So I remeasured at home and triple checked it and got 30 inches, which makes much more sense. And he did really well with the finger prick to check his iron levels and only cried a second with the flu shot. His iron was slghly under what they want to see (by .6) so I'm going back on my prenatals in hopes that the extra iron in them doesn't upset his tummy like before (which was why I went off them). If so, I'll take a regular multivitamin so there's not too much extra iron. The NP said that was probably the reason so they'll recheck him in a month when we go back for his 2nd flu shot. We also discussed seeing an allergist at 1 year because of his food issues and now with the rash on his face that we can't seem to get rid of.

One of his bottom teeth finally broke all the way through (took forever), but we're still waiting on the other one. Lots of babbling, but no real words yet (other than a handful of "mamas" that I'm not sure are real yet). Crawling everywhere and getting into everything. And just last week, he took his first steps! He gets better with each day and takes a few more steps at a time but still likes holding my hand since he can go faster that way. He loves making messes and getting into things. Most days it seems the dog's water bowl is his favorite! Speaking of water, we have graduated into the big tub as he was climbing out of the infant/toddler tub. Guess we didn't make it to the toddler stage with it, lol.

Other happenings from this month...

We had new visitors! Ken's sister and her boyfriend came to visit us for a few days.  They were a HUGE help while they were here. It was still warm so we fit in a trip to the beach too.

Steph, Connor and me

Connor experienced his first garage sale and Grady even came to hang out while his mom and I tried selling our stuff! I sold quite a bit and made a decent amount of money, which is always good.

This past weekend we went to a farm nearby that has a corn maze and fun activities for kids, as well as pumpkins! It will be great when he gets a little older but we enjoyed walking in the corn maze and picking out a pumpkin.

These next several months are going to get even more busy with the holidays and then Connor's birthday! I need to get planning soon!