Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! From my family to yours!

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Saturday, December 15, 2012

11 Months

11 months

My baby is only a baby for one more month! Yikes! Where has the time gone?

We've been busy with the holiday season, which is so much more fun with Connor to share it with :).

Connor still weighs about the same and since we were so busy on the 15th with getting Ken a "new" car and packing for Chicago, I forgot to measure his height. (He was in an accident with the truck involving airbags... everyone was ok but the insurance company decided to total it. He found a great little car that is newer than the truck ('08 vs. '02), lower in mileage, and better on gas. )

Connor has recently started actually clapping and will clap for himself, it's too cute! No official new words being used but he definitely seems to have "mama" and "dada" down now and lots of babbling. Several teeth seem to be on the verge of breaking the gums any day.

Connor and I spent Thanksgiving with our good friends, since Ken had to work. We had a great time and were so blessed to have such amazing people in our lives.

Then I worked like crazy to try and get everything done for Christmas (Christmas pj's, stockings, gifts, etc) while Connor enjoyed making lots of messes around the house.

Here are a few photo highlights from this past month...

Connor loves pushing things around so he was happy to push Grady around on Thanksgiving!

Connor pushing Grady

I had two photo sessions I took pictures for Thanksgiving weekend and Connor was the perfect little assistant, hanging out in the Ergo on my back. I love that I can take him with me if I need to :).

Cutest Photo Assistant

Our little town has a Christmas lights parade with Santa lighting up the downtown area and the big tree... of course we had to go! Connor seemed to wonder why we were out after dark since that rarely happens, lol.
Why are we out past dark, Mom?

We had a playdate with Aedan at our house. The boys had fun in Connor's ball pit and playing with his Laugh & Learn Table.

Aedan & Connor

Connor LOVES our animals and they are really great with him, even the cat! Here they are batting at each other.
Connor & Tallulah

More Christmas festivities! We went to the annual Christmas in the Park down at the waterfront (which is free!) and met the Grinch and Buddy the Elf. It was super crowded and the line for Santa was super long, so we didn't see Santa. I think it will be more fun for Connor when he's a bit older... he wasn't having it that day, but he did enjoy getting to see Grady and Charlotte.

Connor and me with the Grinch

Did I mention how much Connor loves his puppies? And how much they love him? He actually growls back at them when they play growl, it's so funny. He has taken to wrestling with Zoe and constantly wants to tackle her and climb over her from one side to the other and back again. She of course just lays there and lets him... such a good girl!

Connor & Zoe

Liby doesn't lay around long enough to get climbed on as often but they do like to play tug of war on occasion!
Connor & Liby