Sunday, March 27, 2011

And the hits just keep coming.....

So I haven't had time to post lately, but it's time for an update.

Cycle 22 started yesterday... a day early again... but it should maybe give us a better chance at timing for this cycle. I see the RE on Tuesday and we basically need to tell him to get the ball rolling because we might be running out of time to do any treatments.

Ken's orders are up in September and he'd been working with a detailer to get back on a boat here. That detailer turned over to a new guy somewhere around the end of January/early February. So Ken started emailing the new guy to let him know what the other guy was working on ... but wasn't hearing back from this guy. So he finally hears back from the guy after about a month and he says that the window for Ken to negotiate orders is almost up. Excuse me?! He was trying to negotiate orders and you never got back to him! So of course there's nothing open here and the guy wants him to go to Guam. Um, I don't think so. Well after some back and forth, Ken finds out they have this new computer thing where he's supposed to go on and pick his top 5 choices and the detailer works from there. Well he was never told about the March window so the guy is going to let him look at the April window. Of course, there's no guarantee that he can get back to a boat here, where we had hoped to stay. So after a lot of crying, and felling like everything good in my life seems to always get taken away, we finally came up with a back-up plan in case he does get stationed somewhere else... just hopefully on the east coast. It makes no sense to leave everything we have here and totally relocate when the kind of boat he would be on would only be in port like 100 days out of the year, and 1/3 of those days he pulls 24 hr duty shifts on the boat. So more like 66 days a year I get to see him. So we're going to try me living here when he gone and there when he's in... and we'll see how that works. That's the back-up plan anyway.

Thus, we only have until September to do treatments and hopefully get pregnant... unless life cuts us a break and Ken actually gets orders back home. Ah the joys of the Navy life. I am so lucky that Ken and I have such an amazing and strong marriage that I know whatever happens, we will make it through. It would be nice if we could just catch a break sometime soon....

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One more cycle....

... to try on our own before we see the RE. I called Monday and the earliest they can get me in is the end of March which will be my next cycle. So, ok, God... I'd really like it to happen without the help of science... please :). Plus, this is the last cycle that would give us a baby in our arms in 2011. No pressure ;-).

But really.... I'm just trying to be positive and focus on all the wonderful things I have in my life... my husband being the best one. Most of my prayers lately are just for him to get orders back home and then I feel like everything else will work out somehow. I also went to an infertility awareness seminar last week and it really made me feel better about things and I learned a lot about IVF and I just have this feeling like we're not going to get that far. I really hope that feeling is true and it would be even better if we get pregnant before seeing the RE. Ya never know :).