Thursday, February 16, 2012

Connor's Birth Announcement

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

One Month

Could a month really have gone by already? My beautiful baby boy is one month old today! It has been quite a busy month and I absolutely love being a mommy. It's not easy, but it's the best job in the world :).

Connor is quite the popular baby and has had lots of visitors once home and even received extra gifts from family and friends. His visitors so far include Grandpa Stoicoiu, Grandma Hall, Aunt Mindy, Aunt Becky & Uncle Jim (who Connor got his middle name from), Uncle Bob, Bobbi, Jessi, Emily, Jeannine & Kenny, Patrice & the Braders.

One of the best things that happened this month was when Ken got to come home. We thought he wouldn't be home until around the 10th but his ship pulled into port down by us and he was able to start his leave when they pulled in and we got to go pick him up on January 31st instead! And he doesn't have to go back until the 23rd so we got a lot of time with him and we're so happy to have him home with us. He'll be going on deployment for a while so we're getting all our time in while we can. It has been so amazing to spend this time together as a family. It's going to be hard when he leaves!

Some things we've learned about our son this month... he's a slow eater (like his daddy), loves bath time, smiles and laughs in his sleep, likes to snuggle and sleeps best in our arms or on mommy's chest, and hates diaper changes most of the time. He's a very wiggly baby and gets gassy so we've started using gripe water which seems to help. It does't help that he gulps at the beginning of his nursing sessions and takes in quite a bit of air.

Breastfeeding has been going well, and though it takes up quite a lot of my time, I'm really happy with it :).  We haven't started cloth diapers yet since Connor is such a little peanut, but we did switch to the gdiapers today. Plus, I'm hoping to start getting a routine together before I add extra laundry in the mix.

Ok, so today was Connor's one month check up and he is growing well and is now 9 lbs 8 oz and 21.75 in long (both 50th percentile). He's definitely getting enough to eat which makes me feel better and more confident about breastfeeding. I was so glad to not have to supplement. Now I just need to start pumping more and build up a stash for times I have to be away from him. Not that I can even fathom going anywhere without him right now.

And since I love to take pictures, this entry wouldn't be complete without some pics :).
(I think Connor is going to be a bit of a snot about getting his picture taken, like his daddy...but I trained him to be better so with time maybe Connor won't mind so much.)

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