Monday, July 18, 2011

NT Scan and Other Stuff

I had my NT Scan today and everything went well. Baby was stubborn (just like momma!) and wouldn't get into the right position for a while... so I got to see a lot of him/her! Here are some of the pics I got to take home (there were a bunch but these are the best ones).

Our Wiggle Worm

 Baby Kicking


On some other not so great news.... we found out today that Ken will no longer be able to work on subs because he has a couple kidney stones... so now he has to go surface. We're not sure what all will come with those changes but we are hoping he can still get Norfolk since that's the only place he can be now on the east coast. Saying lots of prayers! I guess at least with him being surface, we can maybe skype and he can see the baby when he's out at sea. Trying to look at the upside....ugh.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

12 Weeks

Just a quick update.... went back to see my OB today and all is still well with our baby :). Measured 12w1d and everything is still looking good. I go for my NT Scan on Monday and will still be seeing my OB every 2 weeks for a little while. He said I could come every 2 weeks the whole pregnancy if I wanted, lol. But I think I will feel better once the other baby has reabsorbed. Well, I'm in the last week of my 1st trimester... next Wednesday marks the start of the 2nd trimester, yay! Hopefully the nausea will wear off so I can eat more and start gaining weight for this little one. I'm going to go ahead and announce on FB too.

Here's today's ultrasound pic (head is on the left):

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Best OB Ever

So I don't really have an update of sorts... just a little something I wanted to share... or rather brag on my OB a little. I absolutely love, love, love my OB. I had to run up to the hospital tonight to pick something up (for those of you who know me, know I train cadaver dogs and we get donations from the maternity ward at the hospital here) and he happened to be there. He asked how I was doing and asked when I was coming back in. I told him next Wednesday and he said, well, if I wanted, I could come every week if it would make me feel better since I've been through so much already and he doesn't want me to stress or be worried. I thanked him but told him not to tempt me! He was totally serious in letting me go every week to make sure our healthy baby stays healthy and give me peace of mind... which is totally awesome... but I am going to try to stick it out and do every other week unless something seems wrong or one of the check-ups doesn't go well... then I'll switch to every week if I need to. Right now, I'm still exhausted, super sore BBs and nauseous, so I'm trying not to worry. If even the littlest thing makes me worried, I will definitely take him up on that offer though. Just thought it was pretty awesome. I am so lucky to have such a great Dr :).