Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One more cycle....

... to try on our own before we see the RE. I called Monday and the earliest they can get me in is the end of March which will be my next cycle. So, ok, God... I'd really like it to happen without the help of science... please :). Plus, this is the last cycle that would give us a baby in our arms in 2011. No pressure ;-).

But really.... I'm just trying to be positive and focus on all the wonderful things I have in my life... my husband being the best one. Most of my prayers lately are just for him to get orders back home and then I feel like everything else will work out somehow. I also went to an infertility awareness seminar last week and it really made me feel better about things and I learned a lot about IVF and I just have this feeling like we're not going to get that far. I really hope that feeling is true and it would be even better if we get pregnant before seeing the RE. Ya never know :).

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