Friday, August 26, 2011

Anatomy Scan

Well today was the anatomy scan... 18 weeks 2 days. I was admittedly nervous/anxious this morning... just wanting baby to be on track and healthy. Everything looked great during the scan and when the tech put all the measurements into the computer, our baby is right on track and everything looks great! So relieved. Now I can try to relax a bit more and know that baby is healthy. The little bumps and kicks I've started to feel will help too!

So the big question.... are we having a boy or a girl...... well.....

our baby will be.....

It's a Boy! I've been feeling all along that our baby was a boy and it's nice to know I wasn't crazy, lol. We are both so excited and I'm looking forward to meeting our son in January!

Since everyone loves pictures... here are a few from the ultrasound today:

And here's a cool short 3D video of his face (covered partially by his hand of course):

And for those of you wondering what this precious baby boy's name will be.... you will have to wait until he's born because we're not deciding until then!

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