Wednesday, January 11, 2012

38 Weeks

Another week down, 2ish more to go! My appointment today was uneventful. I saw the midwife in training. Everything seemed to be normal/on track, though I didn't get any actual numbers and I didn't ask. I assume if they don't tell me it's all good :). No internal exam so I don't know what kind of progress is going on down there with baby boy being so low and all... and although I'm curious, it's probably better I don't know so I can't get my hopes up. Plus my OB goes on vacation tomorrow for a week and I'm hoping baby will wait until he gets back to come, so we don't need an internal to accidentally get things going before then. I did find out I'm GBS negative... so no antibiotics needed during labor, woohoo!!! One less thing to worry about.

With Ken being gone now, I am trying to keep myself busy (thank you nesting!) and here's what I did last night and finished today... I sewed 2 baby blankets for the little man :). Don't get too excited when you see them... yes they are super cute, but no, I did not quilt them... I sewed 2 pieces of fabric together with blanket binding ;-). JoAnn Fabrics has awesome baby fabric, some of which is pre-quilted like the 2 I used for the front of the blankets. Super cute in way less time! And they are so soft!

So other than cleaning and doing some reorganizing.... I think my next project to attempt before the baby is here is to reteach myself how to knit and knit him a little hat :). Hopefully that turns out well!

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  1. These blankets are adorable, and sound pretty easy to make!