Monday, April 16, 2012

Three Months

Three Months!

My sweet baby boy is 3 months old! He has grown and changed so much in these 3 short months. According to my at home measurements, he is now 14.5 lbs and 25.5 inches! As you can see from the picture, Connor is a much happier baby these days. Between limiting my diet, taking him to an acupuncture session, and seeing the chiropractor for two weeks now, he has been doing so much better and is generally so much happier :). His range of movement with his head is SO much better and he freely moves it to both sides now and the instant improvement with tummy time has been great!

Let's see... we had two holidays this month... St. Patty's Day & Easter. We made it to church on Easter with my sister Calli and he did pretty well and I was even able to go up for communion this time and he got a blessing :). Of course I couldn't resist giving him a little Easter basket too. It had a little bunny rattle and a bunny book in it. And I ordered him an exersaucer for next month and called it an Easter present, haha.

Kiss me I'm Irish!

Happy Easter!
Connor smiles and coos all the time now. He always has something to say (like his mom of course!) and it's so cute when we have our little "conversations". He's making more and more different noises and I've heard a few squeals now and then. There have been a few occasions where he smiles and makes noises that could possibly be a slight giggle but nothing I would really consider a laugh yet. He also makes some "wet" noises that may qualify as "razzing". Connor is also now actually playing with his toys. He will grab them and is now trying to put them in his mouth too. His favorite toy right now is his firefly. He will grab the rings, crinkle the wings, look in the mirror, and try to put the different textures in his mouth, lol.

Connor and his firefly... staring intently into the mirror on his wing

We had a few play-dates this month... went to lunch and shopping with one of my managers from Target and her little girl who was born just a week before Connor (didn't get a pic though). Then we hung out a couple times with Jessi, Grady & Charlotte and we finally got pics of Connor and Grady together :)

Best Buds
We were able to Face Time with Ken when they made a port call in Greece. It was so nice to get to see him. Connor loves to watch the video of Ken reading books to him. I'm so glad we made that video :). Connor really like books in general you. He has a couple black and white ones he looks at during tummy time or sometimes when we play on the floor in his room... he loves to study the pictures in those books! We also make sure to read a bedtime story every night and lately he likes Goodnight Moon the best. We try to fit other books in too but it's been super busy lately between all of our appointments for things. Hopefully it slows down here soon so we can get back to a better routine again. I'm able to get a lot more done these days, either when Connor let's me put him down or I just wear him in the Ergo. He's slowly getting better about letting me put him down here and there, enough for me to get a few things done at least. :)

Well, I think that's about it. I might need to start working on the monthly updates throughout the month so I don't forget things, lol. More pictures are on my Shutterfly site!

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