Wednesday, November 21, 2012

10 Months

Ten Months

Only 2 more months to plan Connor's first birthday! And I still have so much to do for the holidays, ahh!!

We went for his 2nd flu shot and recheck of his iron levels, which are still low. The nurse said to keep taking my prenatals and try to get him to eat iron-rich foods...easier said than done. Connor isn't much for spoon-feeding so eating iron-fortified baby cereal doesn't happen with any regularity and when he does it's only a few spoonfuls so it's not going to help his iron levels. He does like finger foods and is pretty good about feeding himself, but he still doesn't eat that much (and prefers nursing) and since we have to go slow with the introduction of new foods due to allergies, it's quite challenging. I'm going to be calling his doctor (since we didn't see her, just a nurse) to see if we need to get a blood test to confirm his levels and maybe go on a supplement to bring his levels up.

While we were there, Connor got weighed (with clothes) and is now 20 lbs 9 oz! I'm sure there's an ounce or two to knock off that for clothing, but that's a pound more than last month so he definitely had a growth spurt, which is also why I have had to pack up the rest of the 12 months clothes and he's in 18 months now.

Connor is walking everywhere now and finds news things to get into and make a mess of daily! He's walking more than crawling now and is probably just as fast at walking so he prefers it over crawling at this point. His second bottom front tooth popped through a couple weeks ago.

About a week before Ken came home, he started saying "dadadada" and was mostly indiscriminately saying "dada". While Ken was home on leave, he seemed to start saying "mama" and "dada" a little more discriminately, but isn't quite consistent yet. He has started doing a little bit of a wave and will give me a high-five sometimes too.

He loves his daddy and had so much fun playing with him. We were so busy for the two weeks Ken was home and it went by too fast. Luckily he'll get to be home for Christmas!

Here are some other things that happened this month....

Connor and I met up with friends for the annual Scarecrow Stroll downtown.

Scarecrow Stroll

Ken made it home just in time to be the Man in the Yellow hat for Halloween! (See full family picture on my Halloween/Homecoming post.)

Happy Halloween!

Connor had lots of fun hanging with Daddy and they finally were able to wear their matching Bears jerseys together :).
My favorite Bears fans!
We had Connor's baptism right after Ken got home and my mom was able to come. We are very thankful for everyone who was able to make it and to Emily who took pictures for us!

Connor's Baptism
 Connor's best friend, Grady, turned one and had a mustache bash! Here's a picture of me with them both... can you believe this was almost what would have been if we hadn't lost Connor's twin??? Yikes!

Happy Birthday Grady!

Then we had our own little early Thanksgiving meal since Ken has to work on Thanksgiving. Connor had his first taste of turkey and mashed potatoes and he loved them! He also finally figured out how to drink from a sippy cup thanks to the Tupperware sippy cups I recently bought, though I still have to help him tip it up to get water out of it since I only put a little in the cup.

 And then before Ken went back we went to the park. Connor and I had been to the park a few times but I wanted to save his first ride in a swing and first time down a slide for when Ken was home, since he missed out on so many other firsts. He was not too thrilled with the park that day.. we went after his afternoon nap and I think he was a little tired. He was hanging on for dear life int he swing and looked at me like "please help and get me out of this thing!"

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I think that's about it for now... more pictures are up on my Shutterfly site!

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