Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Timeline

Here's the "brief" synopsis of our journey so far...

January 2009 - I'm going off the pill, I want to get everything out of my system so when we start trying it won't take long (if only).

April 2009 - Not really preventing anymore... but not really getting the right timing either.

July 2009 - 1st month officially trying... I've been charting my temperature, got my OPK kit... I'm so gonna get pregnant right away, I mean, everyone else in our families have.

August 2009 - Ok, maybe it'll just take a couple months.

September 2009 - 3rd time's the charm?

October 2009 - Ok, so everyone is telling us to just relax, don't think about it, get drunk, have fun, blah blah blah... so here goes... weekend trip to GA mountains... staying in a cabin... armed with wine... going to relax and try to just "let it happen"... not temping or using OPKs this month.

November 2009 - All well meaning advice is not working, and at least now I can say "I already tried that". This not temping thing is more stressful for me than temping... it helps me to know when I ovulated, so just let me do my thing!

December 2009 - So I'm just going to chart until I know I've ovulated, then stop so I don't try to read too much into my temps. Ken and I both have time off over the holidays... this has got to be our month.

January 2010 - So I've been off the pill for a year and although we haven't officially been trying a year, if you've been charting and timing properly... 6 months ought to do it. Sent Ken for SA, I'm starting acupuncture with my OBGYN's wife... I go weekly, have to drastically change my diet (no wheat/gluten, cut back on dairy on only full fat dairy when I have it... and lots more), and take Chinese herbs 3 times a day.
HOLY COW! BFP!!! Well we weren't expecting it... only got to try once before I ovulated... but it worked! Put in my notice... not teaching next year, going to stay home and raise babies.

February 2010 - Devastated... miscarriage at 6 weeks. Don't ever tell someone who just miscarried: "At least you know you can get pregnant"... gee thanks, I know I can lose it too.
SA results = all numbers are great... except morphology, which is low :(. Ken starts taking a bunch more vitamins/supplements.
Still not coming back to teach... maybe less stress will help.....

March 2010 - So the next 3 months are supposedly "super fertile" months... and with me still doing acupuncture... it's got to happen again soon, right?

April 2010 - Maybe we'll have a Christmas baby....

May 2010 - This is it, this is so our month....

June 2010 - This year SUCKS... sending Ken to acupuncture too

July 2010 - Ok, no more stress... I'm not teaching anymore... super stress involving Ken's job is over....still nothing

August 2010 - So I really thought I'd be pregnant by now... time to find a job to pay for acupunture since my last paycheck from teaching is at the end of the month

September 2010 - Started at Target working at the Starbucks and was offered a better position in HR! Everything seems to be falling into place... it won't be long now....

October 2010 - I'm so over this... I should have had a baby this month :(

November 2010 - Had the same symptoms as Jan and even a similar temp pattern.... but BFN

December 2010 - Ken has leave again... going to try to just enjoy each other and hope maybe we get a Christmas miracle... if not, I've got an appointment for Jan to see my OBGYN
2nd SA = overall numbers still good, morphology improved slightly but still borderline low, and motility dropped to low :(
Ken gets another acupuncture treatment

January 2011 - Cycle 19... time to get some more answers and a serious plan.... getting tests done on me... not TTC this month

Lots of other stuff happened... some TTC related, some not.... more to come.

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