Thursday, March 15, 2012

Two Months

These last two months as a mom have been absolutely amazing. I'm not saying that they've been easy, but I truly love being a mom and I love my little boy and that makes all the hard stuff worth it :). I can't believe how much Connor has grown in these two months! He's now 12 lbs and 23.5 inches.

Two Months Old!
(Taken after we got back from shots)

We had our first shots today and it was not fun (but at least mommy didn't cry!). He did run a low fever this evening and his legs were really sore (as in screaming if they were even slightly touched) so I gave him some acetaminophen... my poor baby :(.  Other than that, he looks healthy and may just have silent reflux. The pediatrician wants us to try zantac for it to see if it will help. I'm hoping acupressure and maybe the baby chiro will help and we won't need it. I don't like the idea of giving him something like that with him being so young, but at the same time, I don't want him hurting either. So we'll see how it goes. As for Connor's eczema...right now I'm still trying to find a good combo of wash & lotion that doesn't cause a flare up. Yes to Baby Carrots wash is good, but the lotion has fragrance... not good. BabyGanics wash seemed to dry him out too much and the lotion I didn't try because it had fragrance in it. They do have an eczema cream though that we tried once and may try again... not sure if it was good or not. Aquaphor was recommended by the ped... but that didn't go well either. So I picked up some California Baby Super Sensitive wash & lotion and we've only used it once but hoping this combo will work!

Before Shots :)

After Shots :(

During this past month, Connor and I have had time just the two of us and we're finally getting into a better routine at home. He will let me put him down for short periods of time in his swing so that I can make something to eat, feed the dogs, etc. I usually can't get enough time to do anything major, even if he falls asleep in the swing or crib because it doesn't last long enough. But I did get to vacuum while he was in the swing the other day. And I can always wear him in a carrier to get a few things done, there are just some things I can't do, like wash dishes, cook, clean, or take out the garbage. Surprisingly, I've actually been able to keep the house relatively straightened, the dishes get washed (when he's in his swing), laundry gets done, and it doesn't look like a disaster in the house. I think I may need to hire someone to do the scrubbing in my kitchen and bathrooms though as I haven't found time for that yet. I suppose eventually I could try to do everything piece by piece instead of all of it at once. But for now I think it will be easier to have someone else come do it, lol. As far as nighttime and sleeping.... I'm getting plenty of sleep. That's the beautiful thing about our sleeping arrangement... he's in my room, in his cosleeper right next to my bed, so when he wakes up, I just take him out of his cosleeper, nurse him, put him back and go back to sleep... and sometimes do a quick diaper change. He has had a couple of nights this week where he actually does one 4+ hour sleep stretch, which is so nice. Then he usually goes to 2-3 hour stretches until we get up. I have to say though... since we don't get up until at least 7:30, I can't imagine having to get up early for work. Right now, it's working for us, I don't feel the need for a nap during the day, and feel rested. He's only two months old, and breastfed, so I do not expect him to be sleeping through the night any time soon, and that's ok. Oh, and we also finally made it back to church this past Sunday. We only got to sit in the pew until the responsorial psalm (about 15 minutes) and he started to fuss so I took him straight back to the vestibule (entrance area) where you can still see and hear mass and there are chairs for parents of small children to go if needed (our cry room is used as the confessional area). I had stationed his stroller back there so I put his carseat back in the stroller and rocked him back and forth the rest of mass and he went back to sleep and I got to stay the whole time :). Didn't make it to communion, though, since I didn't have anyone to stay with Connor while I went up. Not sure if we'll make it every Sunday, but I'm definitely going to try to go more now.
Play Date with Aedan 2-25
(Not wanting their pictures taken)
Playdate with Madison 3-7
First time actually sitting  in the water... not sure at first, but still loves his bath.

Ken was home for one more weekend before he deployed and is now out to sea. It was so nice when he was home... he always takes care of everything for me, helps calm Connor when he's fussy, and Connor loves to snuggle with him. We really miss him but we're glad that communication is much better on a surface ship (emails are almost instant and can email pictures, and we can get phone calls too!). What makes me most nervous about him being surface though is that they are out in the open and will likely be near where stuff is going on (only upside to that is tax free pay when they are in a hazard zone). I pray every day that he stays safe. Oh, we also found out today that he passed his chief exam and made board! Now we wait until summer to see if they choose him for promotion to chief! So exciting!

Connor & Daddy wearing their shades!
Update on the fussiness and gas: I haven't had any dairy for the last 2 weeks now and it seems to be helping! Connor is not as fussy when passing gas and doesn't have "stuff" coming out with his gas like before. I also discovered he is at least sensitive to peanuts right now as I had a cereal bar with peanut butter in it and it made him feel pretty awful... so no peanut butter for me either, boo. The colic calm helps better than anything else we've previously tried and I haven't even given him a full dose yet and only give it to him when he's really fussy so it hasn't been much. I also have been keeping the tv off except for when I watch my DVR'd shows, so it's not on all day and I think that has helped keep the overstimulation down. That and I've started playing some soft lullabies that I downloaded from iTunes. He still fusses sometimes, but not as much so we'll see what happens with the Rx and acupressure. When he doesn't have a gas bubble, he's a pretty happy and curious baby :).

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