Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Good Babies & Bad Babies?

I am constantly puzzled by this question when someone asks, "Is he a good baby?" Are there bad babies? Can you classify a baby as good or bad? All babies are good babies! Every baby is different but no baby is a "bad" baby. There are easy babies, fussy babies (high-needs babies) and babies somewhere in between. I happen to have been blessed with a beautiful, sweet, and funny baby boy who is also a high-needs baby and can be quite fussy when he's not being held or having someone with him to play on the floor. This doesn't make him a bad baby. He just needs me more than an easy-going baby that can play by themselves would need me. And that's ok. I love Connor, every bit of him. And if he needs to be held all day, I will do my best to accommodate (thank God for my Ergo and ring sling). Like Darius Rucker's song... "It won't be like this for long." I'm sure as soon as he can figure out how to move on his own, he will want to be on his own more so he can explore. Sometimes I can get something done while he plays, and sometimes he wants me to play with him, so I do. The dishes can wait. My son will only be little for a short time. One day he will be a teenager and it won't be cool to hang with his mom, so I'm going to enjoy this time while I have it.

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  1. Love this! I totally agree. There are no bad babies. Lucky was incredibly fussy. Lex, ok let's admit it, some of those babies are really easy. I have on occasion used the term "good baby" with him. He loved to sleep and was so easy. Every baby is different and I'm very blessed to have both of my boys. They were and still are opposites! In my opinion/experience, the fussy babies are calm when they get older. The "good babies" are crazy as heck! Lex's first sentence was "Watch out!" (right after learning to walk, he would climb the couch, throw the pillows on the floor and jump). But, that's only from experience in my house. I'm sure other mothers will agree and some will disagree.

    All in all, every baby is born with their very own personality and it is so amazing to be able to watch their characters develope!