Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy 1/2 Birthday Connor!

Time has gone by so fast! It's true when they say that kids grow up fast. My sweet baby boy is six month old already! His stats from his 6 month well-check are: 17 lbs 13 oz (still 50th percentile) and 28.25 in long (95th percentile)! His doctor says he is doing great!

6 months!

It seems like so much has happened this last month. Connor went from a slightly wobbly sit at 5 months, to a solid sit just a week later and now fusses until I offer him my hands, he grabs my fingers, pulls himself to a stand, and starts walking around the house (at first I had to help propel him forward or he would just rock back and forth in one spot like a sumo wrestler but he started forward motion on his own the other day). He absolutely loves it and squeals with delight, especially when the dogs are inside walking with him. I thought I had more time before I have to start chasing him around,  but looks like I may only have a couple more months. Crazy! Ken was an early walker though so it looks like Connor is going to follow in his footsteps (literally, lol). I know he needs to crawl first so I try to work on that with him when he'll let me and he is starting to sort of climb over his laugh & learn table (without the legs) and leans forward from a sit and gets almost on all fours before dropping to his tummy. He just hasn't figured out how to move from there and just kicks his feet.

But Momma, I want to walk!

I really try not to let him do the walking too much (all that bending over hurts my back and I don't want him over doing it) and discovered something to keep him entertained and happy... I had a box from a diapers.com order that came recently and it's the perfect size for Connor to sit in. As a former box-loving kid, I knew this could easily become Connor's new race car. So what did I do? Sat him in the box and pushed him around the living room making car noises, and he loves it! Maybe not as much as walking, but it gets him moving and entertains him for a bit. I think I'm going to deck it out and make it look like a race car. I know he'll love having a wheel to grab :).

Connor in his "race car"

Earlier this month, Connor had his first trip to the Zoo. We went with our neighbor Jeannine and her son and had a great time. And let me just say that I am so thankful for my wonderful neighbors who have really helped a lot with Ken being gone, especially Jeannine who has watched Connor a few times, has us over for dinner and play dates to get us out of the house, and fed the cat when we were out of town. I am so thankful for such wonderful friends!

Look it's a giraffe!

We've hung out with Jessi (& Charlotte & Grady) a lot this month too (also an amazing friend who despite having 2 little ones, still helps me out when she can)...I'm really going to miss our time together when school starts back up!

Haha Grady! This is payback for when I was smaller and you tackled me!

So Connor has gotten more interactive with Liby...he really loves her. Sometimes when he's sitting on the floor playing and starts to fuss, she will sit down next to him and he will stop and reach out to her. She returns with kisses, even when he starts grabbing fistfuls of fur, lol. Zoe loves Connor too but I don't let her give kisses since she has picked up poop eating again :(. Tallulah just looks at him like "Really?" She will be on the run when he can walk on his own, I'm sure!

Hey Liby, do you mind if I pull on your face?

For the 4th (also Ken and my 8th anniversary), we took a last minute road trip to St. Pete to see family. My Aunt Becky & Uncle Jim and my Uncle Bob and a bunch of my cousins all live down there and my brother with his family, one of my sisters, and my mom were all flying in to visit so almost everyone from my mom's side of the family were going to be there. Connor did pretty well on the way there... I left at 4:30 am so he slept most of the way but I did stop a couple of times. Connor got to meet his cousins on my side and we spent a couple days with family. Connor swam in a pool and in the Gulf for the first time and did pretty well. I wasn't sure if he liked it but he didn't hate it. The only place he would nap while we were there was in the Ergo, probably feeling safer in a strange place attached to mommy. We got to see fireworks and Connor was actually awake for them and was mesmerized by them, he did much better than I thought he would! The drive home wasn't as good as the way there, he did sleep the first half and fussed most of the 2nd half with about 45 minutes of screaming on the last 1/4. He just wanted out of the car seat :(. Really hope he gets better at car rides as there's a lot more in our future with going to visit Ken when he's in port.

Connor playing with his cousins Morgan, Rylee & Tenley while we waited for fireworks

I was considering taking the swing down as Connor rarely sits in it anymore but thought I'd try it a few more times first before I took it apart. Turns out I just needed to up the speed a couple notches and Connor will fall asleep in it again! Woohoo! This beats Ergo naps when I can't get a lot done and he refuses to sleep in his crib. We're starting to get a little better with crib naps too.

Sleeping in the swing!

And after weeks of trying to work on it here and there, I finally finished Connor's cart cover and he got to ride in a shopping cart! We went to the commissary and he loved getting to look around at everything and play with a toy. I think he started to miss riding in the Ergo towards the end of our shopping trip. I'll still have to keep that with me for naps on the go and when he needs to eat. I love that I can nurse him in it and no one can tell :).

This is so much fun!

Now we're ready to start solids! On the menu tonight... oatmeal! Praying it doesn't stop him up.... let the fun poops begin! LOL

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