Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Part 4: Testing, 1, 2, 3

So here we are in phase 4 of our TTC journey... testing, testing, and more testing. We have all our ducks in a row and I'm ready to get this show on the road. When we went to see my Dr., I handed him both of Ken's SA results and all of my charts from the past year. It's clear that I ovulate and don't have a short luteal phase.

The first test I was an HSG. It was AWFUL. So basically what they do is put a catheter in your cervix and shoot some dye into your uterus and take some pictures via a continuous x-ray machine. I was told to take a couple ibuprofen before hand because the test can cause some cramping, so I did about an hour or so prior. Well first the light that was hooked up to the speculum wasn't working properly. So as I'm laying on the table with my feet up and legs open... the nurses are trying to fix the stupid light and get it working again. Gee thanks for leaving me feeling like I'm open for all to see (although I think my gown was actually covering me during this time). So they get it working, kinda, and bring the radiologist in to do the test. Everything was fine... until they started shooting the dye into my uterus... I then proceeded to get the WORST cramps of my life. They take the pictures and I'm finally set free. Cramps are still awful and I'm leaking dye as I'm trying to get my clothes back on... lovely, I know. I even walked funny to the car I was hurting so bad... thank God Ken was there with me. So results come back about a week later and everything is normal. My uterus has a normal structure, no visible issues, and my tubes are open. Awesome... next!

Next is bloodwork. The first set of bloodwork was to check my progesterone level, prolactin, thyroid, and CBC (complete blood count). All came out normal. So I went today for cd 3 bloodwork that will check my FSH, LH, and estrogen levels. I'm sure all of these are fine, so I'm not worried about them. Afterall, I've already done the at home FSH test, I can always detect my LH surge on OPKs, and since estrogen affects CM and I usually have good CM... I'm not too worried. I guess is gives a baseline though so we know what kind of dose I would need for fertility drugs if needed.

I'm not sure if there is any other testing lined up for me after we get these results back. It seems like the next step may be IUI. Ken has an appointment to try and get a referral to see a urologist about his SA results to see if there's more testing he can get to find if there's a root cause to the  morphology issue that maybe can be fixed. Fingers crossed.

Well, at least Ken's schedule lines up perfectly this month and I will be ovulating on or around Valentine's Day and Ken will be home that entire weekend. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky and it will happen on our own without having to do any treatments. Wouldn't that be nice :).

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