Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Part 3: Starting Over

My OBGYN told us we didn't have to wait to start trying again... so back on the saddle we went. I was curious about Ken's results from the SA (which we thought we didn't need)... so he went to get the report from base medical. All of his numbers were great...except for morphology, only 3% normal. My online research told me the basically each fertility specialist will probably have a different opinion on what to do about it... we can just keep trying and it may not mean much, and some jump straight to invitro. Well, we did just get pregnant on our own... so we decide to just keep trying. The first few months after a miscarriage can be super fertile months, so maybe it will happen again soon. I was still going to acupuncture and following her dietary suggestions so I was thinking this would work.

Well, the 3 months of supposed extra fertile time passed, and still nothing. The school year ended and I officially left teaching for a while. I was hoping less stress would help and maybe we'd be pregnant soon. In June, we found out Ken could go to acupuncture and only have to be treated once and then take the daily herbs and it could help his numbers and quality (unlike having to go weekly like me). So Ken went to his first acupuncture treatment and starts the herbs. Since it takes 3 months for new sperm to fully develop and mature, I'm good with continuing to try and hope it happens.

August comes and goes and it's nice not going back to school. I am really enjoying staying home. the house actually stays pretty clean, I've been able to get a bunch of projects done, and I even had time to paint again. But since we still aren't pregnant.... I'm going to need a job to pay for the acupuncture. When I budgeted for me to quit, I wasn't counting on the extra expense of acupuncture. So I applied at a bunch of places and even had an interview for a library job. I was really pumped and hopeful that I would get it with all my past library experience, but no. So I my awesome neighbor got me an interview at Target. They hired me on working at the Starbucks. After training for just 3 days (and being worried I wasn't getting enough hours to pay for acupuncture), they offer me a job in HR. It was perfect.... normal hours, no weekends, I'm not on my feet all day, and I was actually getting the number of hours I needed too. And best of all, NO STRESS. With everything falling into place so nicely, I thought for sure we'd be getting pregnant any month now.

We pass the 3 month mark (post Ken's acupuncture) and still nothing. Despite Ken's awful schedule, he has been able to come home so we can have good timing EVERY month. We haven't missed a month yet. So we decide if it doesn't happen by December, we'll ask for another SA and get me scheduled for testing. December rolls around and Ken get's another SA. Quantities are still great, morphology actually went up a % to 4% but it's still low, but motility went down 9% and is no low. So Ken goes back for more acupuncture and I get my referral to go to me OBGYN for some tests. It's now been almost a year since the miscarriage and a year and a half since we starting trying.

So January is the month to start my testing. We're going to take a break from TTC this month, which I think will be good for us. We even decided to use the Universal tickets we've had for years and go see the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Then we'll see where it goes from the testing.

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