Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pregnant? Or Infertile?

So a year ago yesterday, our hopes were dashed when I miscarried. It's not something I try to focus on, but sometimes I find myself thinking about it just a little. I didn't have a melt down or anything in October when we would have had a baby... I felt like I handled all of that well.... but yesterday was a little different. Either I'm pregnant and we'll be ecstatic, or I'm not and I'm officially considered infertile. I am getting the process going for my referral for the RE (reproductive endocrinologist) so we can go next month if the lovely AF ("aunt flo") arrives. I'll be seeing my doctor on Monday to get the referral and my OBGYN has already given me the name of who he thinks I should go to. I'm also planning on having my doctor biopsy the swollen lymph-node on the side of my neck... it makes me nervous and I'd like some peace of mind about it.

Some other news.... Ken went to the urologist to see if he could get some answers on why his morphology has been so low. The urologist checked for a variciole and he doesn't have one (YAY!) and then looked at his previous SA results. He says that since Ken's overall count is higher than most... that it somehow throws off the average (??) and he is not worried about the morphology. This left me kind of confused, since this is very different from what the fertility clinic (where Ken had the SA done) told my OBGYN. The urologist seemed to be very knowledgeable and told Ken about some different studies, so I guess I am just happy that the count being high is in our favor. And we'll see what the RE says if we end up going.

So here's to hoping and praying that I'm pregnant and not infertile :).

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