Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Ok.... so I had a super busy, but mostly fun weekend. We went to a fertility awareness seminar on Saturday followed by a lunch given my my RE. We had two chances to win IVF with my RE but didn't win either... I'm just hoping that means we won't need it :). We did however qualify for a discounted IVF cycle with my RE should we need it. Hopefully we won't.

So today was my day 10 scan to check and see how my ovaries responded to the injections. I have 3 follicles on my right ovary that look good. I know one was an 18 but don't know what the others were. So hopefully we get at least one really good egg and it's fertilized by one really good sperm and we end up pregnant this cycle. A thought came to me today after hearing there were 3 mature follicles... perhaps God would like to show me His sense of humor and I end up with triplets... I can just hear it.... "Well Kim, you said you wanted 3 by the time you were 30!" Oh boy.... well I will be forever grateful for whatever we are blessed with. I just want that blessing! Maybe with Mother's Day this weekend it will bring me luck. I trigger tomorrow and should ovulate within 36 hours of the shot. Here's hoping for a BFP in two weeks!