Friday, May 20, 2011

Praise the Lord!

I'M PREGNANT! I know you have probably been waiting for me to update so you would know if everything worked this month, but I have been so tired and not had time to pop on here. The nurse had told me to wait 13 days to test so we could be sure the trigger shot was completely out of my system and I had planned to just wait until Wednesday, 14 days, but I caved Tuesday. A beautiful second line showed up immediately and I found myself both thrilled and nervous. I told Ken, but kept it a secret until Wednesday when I would retest to make sure it wasn't just leftover from the trigger, and I got my first beta... which was 122. I went today to recheck and make sure the numbers are going up like they should... but I have to wait until Monday for those results... boo! So that's the short version of my story. If I have the time and energy this weekend... I may expound a little. I just need lots of prayers this one sticks!

P.S. If you are friends with me on FB.... PLEASE DO NOT POST about this on FB as we have not had a chance to tell everyone yet and frankly I'm not ready to announce it to the FB world until I'm in my 2nd trimester.

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  1. OH MY GOD!!!Congratulations!! :-) So exciting!