Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Four Months

Connor is four months old!
4 months (and not wanting to stay still!)

His stats via todays well check are... 15 lbs 7 oz and 26.5 inches long. He's between 50th & 75th percentile for weight and 95th for height... tall and lean like Daddy it is! He was  trooper with his shots.. screamed and cried but calmed down quicker than last time since I held him in my lap instead of holding him down on the table. He was already getting cranky from missing his morning nap so I nursed him and he went right to sleep when we got in the car. I'm so glad we don't have to do this every month!

He finally rolled over for the first time on April 23rd... at 2 AM and I missed it! It's a bit of a funny story actually... It was 2 am and I needed to change his diaper so I put him down on his changing pad in my bathroom (it's a flat 1" foam pad) and realized I needed to pee first and while I was on the toilet I heard him wiggling and next thing I know he is face down on the bathroom floor and not happy about it! I  quickly wiped and ran to the rescue, lol. Luckily he did it again two nights later and I saw that one! Good thing too, because he hasn't done it since.

We've finally gotten through the clogged/blocked tear duct in his left eye. I guess all that massaging of breast milk in it finally worked!

Connor has been getting very vocal and always has something to say. He's making lots of different sounds and has finally started laughing! He squeals too and is so funny. I love making him laugh! So far he seems to laugh anytime I stick out my tongue, especially if I blow raspberries too.

Connor & Aedan laughing at me

We've reached the stage where everything goes in his mouth. He likes chewing on my thumb and has been drooling a lot so I wonder if we might be in the early stages of teething, but I don't see any teeth buds. It seems like gnawing on stuff will calm him down a little when all of his other needs are met so 
maybe he's going to be really sensitive to teething.... oh joy. 

Connor eating a momsicle*...mmmm
*aka frozen breast milk

Connor is trying hard to get moving already... he loves standing on my lap and only needs me for balance for the most part now (but I usually support him more because I don't know how much weight he should be putting on his legs right now). He'd rather sit than lay down and we've been practicing lots of assisted sitting. Much of his standing practice is when I'm trying to get him to sit on my lap and he refuses to bend his legs, lol. He has definitely figured out that he can do things with his legs. We can no longer use the boppy for tummy time as he launches himself over least we can use it for sitting practice now! And when he's laying on his back playing on the floor or even in his crib, he uses his legs to push himself all over. Ken was an early walker so I might be in trouble!

Hmmmm... that's not where I put him, lol

Some other cool things I've noticed is how he is starting to pick up on some cues. For instance, when he's fussy and it's time for a nap and nothing is working to settle him down, I put on the Ergo so I can walk him around and get him to fall asleep. I usually set him on the couch while I buckle myself in and as soon as he sees the Ergo he stops fussing! He really loves to be in it and has been taking a lot of naps in it lately (mostly since he won't take them anywhere else!). Then, at night after getting into pi's, we sit and read Goodnight Moon before I nurse him to sleep. Usually, if he is a little fussy while we get pi's on, as soon as I sit in the rocking chair to read, he quiets down. He's even started trying to "help" me turn the pages. It's so cute! I'm hoping to get this on video soon!

We bought him an exersaucer last month and tried it out... he LOVES it!!! He's getting so good at holding himself up and is fascinated by the octopus on it. He's really reaching out and grabbing things all the time now...which is why I've had to break out the contacts again as I always have smudges on my glasses now and he's been grabbing them off my face. Good thing I saved a couple boxes of contacts :).

So much fun!

Lastly, as Connor never really took a pacifier, it seems he may be turning into a thumb sucker.... oh boy, hope this isn't hard to break him of down the road!

More pictures and videos can be seen on my shutterfly site!

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