Monday, May 21, 2012

My First Mother's Day

Last Sunday was my first Mother's Day and I feel so blessed to say that I am now a mom! I got to spend it with my sweet Connor and my mom. My mom was here for the weekend since she just moved to Florida and is now only about 6 hours drive from me! On Friday, we went to the beach. It was beautiful but Connor was not a fan of the wind. I also dipped his feet in the ocean... he was not impressed, lol. Maybe he'll like it when it's warmer :).

Grandma & Connor

Mommy & Connor

On Sunday we wanted to attempt church since I don't get to go much anymore with it being just me and Connor, but he was way too cranky so we didn't end up going anywhere that day. At least we got one good pic together :).

My First Mother's Day!

Mr. Cranky Pants
It was a lovely weekend and I was so happy my mom could be here with us. I still found myself a little sad that Ken couldn't be here to celebrate with us... such is the life of a military spouse. At least he only has 8.5 more years....

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