Monday, April 25, 2011


So AF came a day early yesterday... booo, but whatever, I kinda figured this month wasn't it for us. So this morning I go to call the RE's office to get scheduled for my cd3 scan/tests tomorrow so we can get started with the Follistim injections for this month. They open at 7, so I call just after 7 and the office phones aren't up yet and it goes to their after-hours answering people. They tell me the phones at the office should be up by 7:30 and to try back then. So on my way to work... I call every 5 minutes and still get the answering service. WTF? So I finally wait to talk to someone and explain that I'm trying to get ahold of them so I can schedule my day 3 stuff that needs to be done TOMORROW and they tell me that today is a HOLIDAY for the office and they are CLOSED! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!?!?! How am I supposed to schedule my appointment that I need for tomorrow morning??? I'm sorry that my body didn't give me advanced notice on when my next cycle was going to start.... but I figured being a fertility clinic, they understand these things.

Well, I need an early AM appointment because I already have an appointment with my OBGYN in the afternoon to discuss, and possibly schedule, the laparoscopy for next month so I need to see the RE in the morning. They open at 7 but it takes an hour to get there.... so if I wait and call at 7 and they can get me in at 7:30.... I won't be able to make it there! Especially with rush hour traffic!!!! ARGH!

So after being in a bad mood all day, and letting my boss know I won't be able to come to work tomorrow... since I don't know when the appointment will be.... I have a plan. I am going to show up at 7 AM and ask them when they are going to be fitting me in. There's no way I'm going to let this not work out for this month with Ken being home on leave and the fact that we only have until September people!!! I have no idea how understanding this office is, since I have had little interaction with them, other than my initial appointment. If they are like my OBGYN's office, I will have no trouble getting to see the RE in the morning. Otherwise.... watch out for the waterworks because I might have a breakdown in that office if they won't fit me in. I plan on being there all morning if I need to be.... they WILL get me in one way or another... or I may have to consider going elsewhere with my business. Afterall... I have $3500 worth of fertility meds in my fridge ready to use this cycle and time is of the essence here.

Can't a girl get a break for once?

To be continued.....

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